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Technology loving, ahead thinking and creative entrepreneur / IT professional who believes that future technologies should make our (work) life easier. As a Network Engineer he created multiple complex network environments for multiple large companies which enabled those companies to operate much more efficient while reducing complexity. As an active member of the dutch LAN-Party scene he organizes events and connects gamers, eSporters and companies with each other. His background in IT and gaming allows him to shape efficient and high-capacity networks that helps these users do what they love most.

Aon Risk Services | Aon Rotterdam 2018 — Ongoing

Network Engineer – EMEA Networking Services

Working as a member of the Aon EMEA network team to transition the Netherlands Network Infrastructure which contains 34 offices towards a more modern, simpler and faster networkenvironment. As the Network Engineer I'm responsible for keeping the EMEA network environment alive and kicking.


  • Designed multiple complex network infrastructures.
  • Helped facilitate integration of multiple complex platforms that now work together.
  • Adapted as a Junior to an Enterprise organisation.

Aon Risk Services | Aon Rotterdam 2016 — 2017

Network Engineer – EMEA Networking Services

Designed a migration approach to migrate multiple local DNS/DHCP/NTP and IPAM platforms to a centralised InfoBlox platform!


  • Personally helped mapping the DNS infrastructure of Aon EMEA.
  • Implemented the central DNS/DHCP/NTP and IPAM platform.
  • Learned lots of IT Service Managment tricks.
  • Studied for ITILv3 Foundation and recieved the certificate.

MediaMarkt Breda 2017

Technical Support for Consumers | PowerService

Helped tens of thousands of customers with various consumerelectronis questions, repairs and problems. I really improved my communication skills here.


  • Certified myself for Smartphone repair. (Samsung/Apple/Huawei)
  • Certified myself for Tablet repair. (Samsung/Apple/Huawei)
  • Certified myself for Laptop repair.

DreamLAN LAN-Party's 2014 — Ongoing

Founder and Event organiser

Founder of the community for DreamLAN which helps gamers to get togheter to exchange theire passion, knowledge and fun. Over 500 active members and growing. I can't wait to see what the future holds for this event!

GuildGames 2k18 2018 — Ongoing

Organiser and Network Engineer

Designing and implemening network connectivity to enable more than 3000 gamers to play what they love the most.

DutchComicCon 2k17 2017 — Ongoing

Competition Admin - Playerunknown's Battlegrounds

Hosted a stage whilst being in charge of the Playerunknown's Battlegrounds tournament. Here I was able to talk to alot of new gamers and comic enthousiasts and shared my love for the DreamLAN 2018 headliner game with over 1500 people!

Hogeschool Utrecht 2014 — 2018

System & Network Engineering

Technical Skills

  • CCNA/CCNP (to be Certified)
  • Multiple Linux distos (RHEL)
  • VMware vSphere/ESXi
  • OpenStack

IT Service Management

  • ITILv3 Foundation (Certified)
  • Prince2 (Certified)
  • SCRUM (to be Certified)
  • Agile working methods

Other Skills

  • Microsoft Office Specialst
  • ECDL
  • Ubiquiti Unifi


  • Making coffee
  • Enjoying myself
  • Gaming (I hate to lose)

Applied Technology

  • Networking
  • Security / Cryptography
  • Open-Source technologies and platforms such as Linux


  • Networking
  • Business development
  • Reducing complexity whilest adding functionallity

Personal interests

  • HomeLAB. I have my own lab environment at home
  • Cars! I drive a "91 Mazda Miata MX-5
  • Cinematography

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